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The Union General in the Battle of Antietam was General George Brinton McClellan. George was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on December 3, 1826. President Abraham Lincoln approved of him as a Major General in the regular army. He was a United States Army officer, railroad president, and he served as a general in the Civil War. He commander the Army of Potomac. George McClellan was slow, cautious, and defensive-minded. He fought in this battle from start to finish. People say that George McClellan created many errors. HIs most grievous error was when he greatly underestimated the Confederate’s numbers. George, although he had fought in battles before, this was the first battle he fought from start to finish. This battle was a big stepping stone for him. After the Battle of Antietam, George even tried to run for presidency against Abraham Lincoln. George McClellan is often remembered as the “controller” of the Army of the Potomac for the Union. His style or ways of commanding made Abraham Lincoln unsteady. Although he did not have a very good background from Abraham Lincoln, he did very good in the Battle of Antietam.

The Battle of Antietam had a huge sequence. On September 16, both the Union and Confederate Generals, confronted each other. On September 17, Lee’s army was being demolished. This day is what marked the bloodiest battle to ever occur. These attacks were sweeping across Miller’s Cornfield, West Woods, and Dunker Church. The Union was beginning to defeat the Confederate Army. This happened because went against the Sunken Road and came across the Confederates center, terrible for Confederates. The next major assault for the Unions was when they went to are bullet-strewn hard wall at Antietam Creek.The Battle of Antietam for Robert E. Lee was not fair for him. He was outnumbered two-to-one, he still committed his force, entirely. McClellan, on the other hand, only sent in two-thirds of his army or less. Over night, both of the armies became stronger. Although Lee was losing, he still continued to fight through the 18th of September. After so many people on the his side were being killed, Lee brought the injured to south of the river. McClellan decided not to take any action for his killed or assaulted. After dark, Lee decided to order his army, withdraw and go across the Potomac into the Shenandoah Valley. Robert E. Lee decided to withdraw so in the end the Union had won the Battle of Antietam. The estimated casualties in this battle was about 23, 100 total This battle influenced the overall Civil War because the Union won and this side benefitted from it. The bloodiest battle in American Battle History was now over after two days of fighting and many deaths. The Battle of Antietam was be a huge part of American History and will always be remembered.

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The Confederate General of the Battle of Antietam was Robert E. Lee. Robert Lee was born in Virginia, on January 10, 1807. Robert was a very well educated man. He was promoted to many different positions at different places also. First Robert E. Lee was sent to rework the Mississippi River commercial channel. Next, he was promoted to Captain. He also fought in the Mexican War. After this his is offered to be commander of the United States Army. Robert fought and very many battles. Robert was very well prepared and well suited for defense. Robert has plenty of experience behind him from many battles. During Antietam, it was Robert's first time invading into the North. People thought he would do great in this battle, but unfortunately he did not. Robert E. Lee was the Confederate leader in the battle of Antietam, who came prepared and left not so great.


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