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Everyone falls ill once in a while. But did you know there is a difference between a bacterial infection and a viral infection? Huh, what?

Let's get things straight, okay? First of all, what are bacteria actually? Bacteria are tiny living beings. They can be good for you, but also very bad. When bad bacteria get into your body and multiply, they can make you feel very sick. For example, they can give you diarrhoea. Sometimes they make you so sick, that you have to go to the doctor's! Luckily, the doctor has special medicines called antibiotics. These kill or stop the growth of bacteria, so the infection disappears and you feel better again!A viral infection, a infection caused by a virus, cannot be cured by antibiotics. A virus is not a living being and the antibiotics only fight bacteria. So that means that you cannot be treated for a viral infection... Thankfully, our body has its own protection system for viral infections. Just rest for some days and you will feel better before you know it!

1. A bacterial infection is treated with an antibiotic

2. One of the bacteria is stronger and survives the treatment

3. The strong bacterium multiplies and the infection grows

4. The antibiotic cannot cure the bacterial infection anymore...

Tips1. Only use antibiotics when needed and effective2. Always finish the treatment and take the antibiotics in time!3. Stop bacteria from spreading by washing your hands thoroughly with soap4. Inform other about the dangers of incorrect use

Remember one thing, only use antibiotics when you have a bacterial infection and use it correctly! That means, finish the treatment and take the right dose. Why? Well, otherwise the stronger bacteria might survive the medicine. That means that they will continue to live and multiply. They will not die when they are treated with antibiotics. So, when these strong bacteria - called antibiotic resistant bacteria - get into your body and make you sick, there is no cure....

Congratulations, now you know all about it. Spread the news and save the world!


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