Antibiotic Resistance

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Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic resistance

What is antibiotic resistance?

What are some examples of infectionous diseases that have evolved resistance?

What causes antibiotic resistance?

If things keep going the way they are, bacterial infections may be untreatable. A couple ways to stop it are: not using antibiotics for everthing, completing the full dosage, and use the schedule given by the doctor. Also, don't use antibiotics when you don't need them, like for the flu, or a common cold.

Antibiotic resistance is when a bacterial infection becomes immune to the antibiotic. When in contact with antibiotic, most of the bacteria die. Some bacteria, though, does not die. The ones that were originally resistant to the antibiotic survive, and reproduce. They pass the resistance gene to their offspring, and before long, they are all resistant to the antibiotic, making it powerless over them.

A great website and some awesome videos that can help answer your question are-

Antibiotic resistance is caused by the misuse of antibiotics. Often times, people decided that they don’t need to use the antibiotic for the full course of the antibiotic, given by the doctor, and just use it until they feel better. You should complete the entire dosage given by your doctor. Another harmful situation is when people take the antibiotic at random times. Your doctor gives you a schedule for you for a reason. Use it, or the bacteria will fight back!

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What are the effects of antibiotic resistance, and is there a way to stop it?

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