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Health & Fitness

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*Cold turkey *Rehab*Exercise *Nicotine replacment therapy *Behavior Therapy * Medicine * Combo treatments


*Formaldehyde*Plutonium210*Arsenic *Acetone *Benzene*Cadmium These are just some of the thing in tobacco. Theres a total of 4,000 ingredients! Would you want to smoke know that you know that the 2nd ingrediant is used in atomic bombs?

*Elevated blood pressure*Hardening of the arteries *Cronic bronchitis *wrinkled skin *yellow fingers*smokers cough *higher likelihood for miscarriages*higher likelihood of male and female infertility

Ways to quit

smoking lungs vs non smokers lungs

1. Increases the heart rate by 15-20 beats per minute. 2.Twice as likely to get a heart attack3.5x as likely to have cancer of the larynx4.4x as likely to get mouth cancer5. 3x as likely to get esopageal cancer6.3x as likely to die of ulcers7.2x as likely to die of cirrhosis of the liver8. 2x as likely to devolp kidney cancer9. 10x as likely to get lung cancer10.2x as likely to get a heart attack

10 ways it kills you faster than you realized

Health Risks


Smoking destroys cila, so the pollution stays inside. Which the gunk this creates increases the risk for lung cancer. Also it increases risks for chroinc obstructive pulominary disease, chest infections, and a chronic cough.

What it does to the lungs

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