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1. Gamers develop addictions to cyber-gaming. Might be due to excessive playing

3. People related to these addicts will find the addicts anti-social. They may also feel that these addicts do not regard them at all.

4. The addicts will land in a dire situation where everyone is leaving him. Friendships destroyed, relationships ruined and their life in a mess.

This is detrimental to the addicts physical health and his body may degenerate. He may also be more prone to falling sick.

2. They start neglecting daily activities (Eg. Going to the toilet, eating ,excerise) and the people aroung them (Eg. Family gatherings, outings with friends).

If the addict communicates minimally for a long period of time, it would be a problem as it would seem weird and new to start new friendships and relationships. Thus, it would be a challenge to break the mental barrier of minimal communication

Result: The addict might not only end up with destroyed relationships, but also be impared in their communication skills.


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