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Anti Smoking

Anti- SmokingNicholas Caicedo A

Smoking is inhalation of smoke of burning tabacoo ensaced in ciggaretts, pipes, and ciggars. This can make stress happen and evantualy become adictive.

Some effects on the human body are you can cause you to have bad breath, yellow teeth and smelly cloths. It can also cause lung cancer and hearth disease.

Smoking has something in its chemicals called nictone wich is a stimalunt and causes people be adictive to smoking and cant stop.If this does not stop your body gets more diseases and evantualy you will die or be very sick.

Smoking can be treated by many ways everyone will stop at a diffirent time in diffirent ways. Some things to help can be nictone gum, Lozenges and nictone patch.

Smoking is very bad for your body and you should stop before it is o late and you get very sick !

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