Anti Smoking

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Anti Smoking

10 facts that you should know about smoking

Anti smoking

7. Half of all long term smokers will die tobacco related death.

1.Smoking kills half of the smokers.2.Smoking suffer skin problems.3.Smoking double the risk of dementia.

4.stained teeth, fingers and hair.5.cancer of lip, tongue, pharynx, larynx and bladder.6.blood flow to the extremities is decreased (cold hands and feet)

8. Smoking costs Canada over $ 17 billion annually, including $ 4.4 billion in direct health care costs.

9. Kids who start smoking are more likely to get lower grades in school. They tend to hang out with other kids who smoke. They may have a low self image and they don't know how to say no to tobacco.

10. Smoking kills almost six times as many people as road and other accidents, suicide, murder, manslaughter, poisoning, overdoses and HIV put together!


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