[2015] Cambria Germann: Anti-Slavery

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African-American History

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[2015] Cambria Germann: Anti-Slavery


After the slaves were sold to their master they were put to work. Often slaves were sold to very harsh and cruel masters. The slaves were often whipped and treated horribly. The masters gave their slaves only the bare neccesities but in very small amounts. Slaves were often hungry due to the small servings of food they were given. The slaves also underwent much physical abuse. They went through many horrible and difficult ordeals.

Treatment of slaves

Civil War

Because the slaves went through so many horrible ordeals the had to have hope. It was the only things that kept them going. The main things that the slaves used to bring them hope during such dark time was their religion which was a mix of African and Christian beliefs. Another thing that they used were stories. parents often told their children stories whenever they could. The stories brought comfort for the parents and children. One more ting that they tried to do was to keep up a network with family and friends. They managed to bring hope into their very dark and difficelut lives.


Slaves were taken from their homelands to the colonies against their will. The people who were able to survive the horrible conditions on the boat were then separated from their friends and family and sold to the highest bidder. The slaves who were separated from their family members often never saw or heard from them again. The slaves were ripped from their lives and forced to work for nothing.

Abraham Lincoln wanted slavery to be eradicated. He did not like that his country was divided. He released the Emancipation Proclamtion which declared that all slaves in areas controlled by the North were free. Millions of slaves were freed due to this proclamation. Due to Lincoln and his influence many people were released from unfair and horrible circumstances.

Abraham Lincoln

Sold Into slavery

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The Civil War took place during the 1860s. It was the war that ultimately freed the slaves. Before the war there were many small rebellions that failed. The Civil War was a war against the north and the south. It was incredibly brutal. The war started after Lincoln made several speeches supporting the abbortion of slavery. After his speeches the south grew more and more hostile and eventually war broke out. The war lasted four years and many people died. During the war fathers ad sons faught against each other and families split apart. It was a tragedy but the end product was the freedom of millions of people from horrible circumstances.

Treatment of Slaves

Women and Child Being Sold

This movement was an attempt to try to free the slaves and put a stop to slavery. The movement was during the years of 1830s-1870s. The civil war was a product of the movement and it was during 1861-1865. This movement was due to the unfair capture and treatment of the slaves.


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