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Anti-SemitismAnna Belk

Menorah-a nine branched candle tree that is lit during the eight day Jewish holiday, Hannukkah

Dreidel-a four-sided spinning top played with during Hannukkah

Kippah-a cap made from cloth worn because of a requirement in the Jewish faith

Anti-Semitism-prejudice, hatred of, or discrimination against Jews for reasons connected to their Jewish religion or heritage.

Basic Beliefs of Jews-monotheistic, torah, still waiting on a Messiah, dietary laws, covenant

Jewish family eating Passover dinner while reading scripture.

A Jewish family celebrating Hanukkah.

Russian flag

Jewish people in Russia

Stereotypes-People believed all Russian Jews were criminals. They also were blamed for ruining the economy.

In Russia, anti-Semitism was being shown in various ways. Non-jews couldn't marry Jews and Jews were viewed as the poor stupid ones. Although the traditional views were strict, many young and upcoming Jews rebelled against the common traditions and became more individual.


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