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Anti-Semitism is the discrimination against Jews. It was a huge issue in America before the Holocaust. For example, Jews were not hired for certain jobs just because they were Jewish.


The Star of David has six points to represent that God is control of every direction.

A toy, similar to a top, that is played with during Hanakkuh.






Torah and the Talmud

The Jewish wedding is otherwise known as kidusshin, or dedication. The first stage of the ceremony is the signing of the ketuvuh. The bride and groom are wedded underneath a canopy called the chuppah.

Jewish families often had big celebrations for holidays such as Hanakkuh. Here is a family portrait that shows how happy Jewish families were prior to the Holocaust.


Jewish people had to wear a star of david, which seperated them from the rest of the community.

A Jewish ghetto is the place that the entire Jewish community had to go before the Holocaust began.

The picture to the right portrays three young boys in a Jewish ghetto known as Warsaw. Warsaw was one of the largest ghettos. The conditions were so bad in Warsaw that between 1940 and 1942 a total of 100,000 Jews died due to starvation.

The menorah is used to represent the 8 days of Hanakkuh. The ninth candle is used for a cermonial candle light.

The term "ghetto" originated in 1516 where Venetian authorities compelled Jewish people to live. In World War II German soldiers forced the Jewish people to live in segregated, miserable conditions. This gave a new definition to the word "ghetto."

The ghettos isolated Jews from non-Jews. There were over 1,000 established ghettos in Poland and the Soviet Union alone. The Germans created ghettos in order to segregate the jews; however the plan was then taken to a new level. The seperation of Jews from the rest of the society was all a part of the "Final Solution." The Final Solution was a plan to exterminate all of the Jewish people. Unfortunately, the plan did end up working. The ghettos were only the beginning of what was to come.

Stereotypes:1. People consider ghettos to be a poor community.2. Jewish people are unweatlhy because they couldn't afford to live outside of these areas.3. They were blamed for many sicknesses, such as the black plague. 4. They scammed people. 5. They were discriminated against because they did not believe in the same things that their socieyty believed in.


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