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The system of checks and balances is designed to limit the powers of each branch of government. This means that each branch can overrule decisions made by another. This seems fine and all, but this is too much! The government is run by elites, and they are going to do whatever is best for themselves. None of these people care about the average people of the States, so what good does this system do? They have control over everything. They have raised our taxes--and no one has overruled it because they are not effected! This is maddness!

Branches Of Gov't

They want three branches of government. They want a Legislative branch to make laws for us to follow, a Judicial branch to determine whether we are following those laws or not, and an Executive branch to enforce, or to make sure we follow, those laws. As Anti-Federalists, we want to restrain the power of the National Government, and this seperation of powers will only give them more!

Can it Change?

An Anti-Federalists Guide To: The Constitution

Checks and Balances


-No Bill of Rights-Constitution will lead us down a political road of corruption-National Government is gaining too much power

Anti-Federalist Commercial

You better believe they are going to keep making changes to this document. They don't want to give us a Bill of Rights; instead, they want to keep taking our freedoms away. They want total control over us. Can't you see? Isn't that why we left Britain? Isn't that why we just faught that awful war?


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