Anti-Federalists Barker

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Anti-Federalists Barker

What Would King George Say?-What Comes Around Goes Around.-A Nation born of Rebellion cannot stand because of Rebellion. -There's no difference between Shay's Rebellion and the American Traitors.-Americans refuse to face the facts of life -- death and Taxes.-These Colonies are destined to disolve into anarchy or be ruled by a less forgiving king than I.

Not aRevision,A Threat to Life and Liberty

Instead of revising our govering document the convention's delegates closed their doors to the public, then threw out the Articles of Federation all together. Now these Nationalists portray themselves as Federalists (America 187).

-The ability to print currency (America 187)-Supremacy of their laws-Sovereignty-Authority to impose Tarrifs-Authority of their Courts

States lose

Alexander HamiltonAuthor of Federalist Papers


John JayAuthor of Federalist Paper

James MadisonMade the Virginia Plan that rejected State's Soverignty (America 184)

Citizens Lose

-Protection under their State's Constitution-Yeomen's chance to be elected to office, instead it will be the Moneid men of the Aristocrasy


The Articles aren't perfect, but they have helped us to win independance while preserving the State's soveringty. We shouldn't go so far as to disregard them all together.

Ratification?The Articles of Confederation require a unanimous vote to pass any new legislation, but the Federalist proclaim that they only need nine of the thirteen Colonies to ratify this. They think that they can empose this on the independant states who do not whish to be ruled over.


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