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THREE TYPESCutaneous Anthrax (MAIN TYPE)Inhalation AnthraxGastrointestinal Anthrax

ANTHRAXIan WrightBacillus anthracis

LocationPossible wherever infected animals or humans are. Most likely aroung livestock that are slaughtered for food or other uses, such as wool, hides Etc.

SYMPTOMS (Cutaneous Anthrax)-A group of small blisters or bumps that may itch-A painless skin sore (ulcer) with a black center that appears after the small blisters or bumps-Most often the sore will be on the face, neck, arms, or hands-Swelling can occur around the sore

TREATMENT Antimicrobial soap and waterFormaldehydeBurning or boiling clothingAnti-BioticsRaxibacumab(immediate treatment for inhaled anthrax)

TRANSMISSION-Exposure to infected animals or their products. Skin, wool and meat-Workers that deal with dead animals are at the highest risk.-People that deal with animal hides are exposed to low levels of anthrax spores but the levels are not high enough for infection.-Can inhale spores and get infected.- If enough spores get into an open wound you could get infected.-Also could get infected from ingested spores-Could be contracted in laboratory

PROGNOSISMost deadly if it spreads to the blood streamInhalation Athrax- Death rates even with treatment 75%Gastrointestinal Anthrax- Death rates without treatment 25-60%. Affects of treatment are unknownCutaneous Anthrax- Death rates with treatment 1%, without 20%

PREVENTION-Vaccines, have been used to prevent anthrax outbreaks and stop them since an old version was developed in the 19th century. Used to protect soldiers from Biological warfare. Also used to prevent and stop outbreaks from animals and humans. Another way to prevent this is to use extreme caution when someone is infected. Make sure said person is quarantined and if they die make sure to cover up all exposed skin before touching or moving the body. Seal the body in or burn it. Anyone dealing with anthrax should wear a respirator capable of filtering the anthrax particles.



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