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Anthony´s Speech

Dear Editor,I am local journalist Marvin Mitchell giving you an inside scoop on whats going on in and around the city of Rome. There has been talk of a plan to overthrow Caesar. I personally didnt think the rumor were true but as of now I think that it is . I have talked to many people in Rome and after Flavius and Marrelus they think that they are crazy for even thinking about it. They feel that they would better be ruled by a dictator then trying to overthrow Caesar. However, I personally feel that they should overthrow Caesar. He is a mean, distasteful, irrogant, and an unpleasant human being. I understand being a dictator but at least have some respect for the people who got you in that position. Have some respect for the people who got you in that position. Have some respect or common decency and stop being so selfish. I have no respect for him or anything he does. I feel that he should be overthrown immediatley. One day i know that he will die but we need to get rid him as soon as possible. I wish the people trying to overthrow him the best.Sincerely,Marvin Mitchell

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Immediately after the brutal assasination of Caesar , Brutus and Cassius held a funeral for him in the town squre. According to witneesses Brutus was first to speak on his reasons why he killed Caesar. At first like they all thought he spoke about the goodness of Caesar. He then started speaking about the people who killed Caesar otherwise known as the Conspirators. As he said the Conspirators thought of themselves as honorable men. Antony used that phrase all throughout his speech. The Conspirator said that they killed Caeser because he as " too ambitous" but is someone that refused crown three times ambitous? There he also said but the conspirators are such " honorable men". Would honorabl men betray their friend in such a way, but remember they are such honorabole men? By that time many Roman citizns started to get the feeling of what Anon was trying to say. Eyewinesses repored that Casca and Cassius appeared fearful. Then Antoony brought up Caesars' will but he then said no. So they all chanted " The Will", and before you knew it he started reading the will. It said Caesar left to us the public Recreational park and 75 coins each. Then they all realized the conspirators were evil and we went on a rmpage. After Antonys' spech the Conspirators attempted to flee the country. Cassius and Casca diappeared . That shows what affect Antony's speech had on the people of Rome. Roman officials tried to suppress the angry crowd but they were ovecame with rage. Public officials are still trying to locate Brutus and the other conspirators.

Antony's Speech that changed Rome forever!


Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears!

"You will compel me then to read the will?"

"If you have tears prepare to shed them now."

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