Anthony 's Dream vacation

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by AnthonyBalfour
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Anthony 's Dream vacation

I think it would be fun to go to the Bahamas because it has clear, blue water and good weather.

The Bahamas

Anthony's DreamVacations

I think it would be cool to sail the Red Sea Because Moses Parted it

The Red Sea

I would want to go to Mt. Rushmore because I know that there's a secret tunnel behind it with a bunch of names and stuff. (History Channel)

Mt. Rushmore


I want to see it because It's so amazing to look at in pictures. Real life must be better!

I want to go there because I've always wanted to go scuba diving with sea turtles.

The Grand Canyon

TheLeaning Tower of Piza

I would like to see the tower because I want to take a tilted picture and say; "I fixed it!"


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