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Anthony Moyer Canada Lynx

IntoductionCommon name- Canada LynxScientific name- Lynx CanadensisDescription- The Canada Lynx is a medium-sized cat that has flared hairl and big ears. It aslo has a stubbed tail and has longer back legs than the front legs giving it a staggered look.

Natural HistoryHabitat- The Canada Lynx has a mixed habitat with thick vegetation and younger forest. They hunt small animals and their biggest prey is the snowshoe hare. They are normallt found in cold snowy places with alot of trees for cover. Niche- They help regulate the popualtion of the snowshoe hare and a bunch of other small rodents they prey on.

Current StatusEndangered or Threatened species- The Canada Lynx is in fact an endangered species.Most current population size- There are approximatley 100 Canada Lynx left in North America/Reason(s) for endangered or threatened species- The main reason for the extinction is because the Canada Lynx was very heavily trapped. Some other reaons are starvation and from other natrual diseases.

Recovery planThe major thing they have done to prevent the extinction of the Canada Lynx is ban all trapping of this animal. If you get caught trapping this type of Lynx you will receive a hefty fine. The other thing they have done is they have started charities just for this lynx to raise money and awareness of it possibly going extinct.

Canada Lynx


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