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Anthony Madison

Anthony Madison recieved many awards in his college football career like the Committed to Excellence award, the Most Improved Corner award, and the Jerry Duncan I Like to Practice Award and Charlie Compton award, which is given to the player who exemplifies faith and hard work. In his professional career with the Pittsburgh Steelers he won an AFC Championship in 2008 and got a Super Bowl ring that same year. Madison has also played with teams like the Cleveland Browns, the Indianapolis Colts, and the Detroit Lions.

Anthony Madison grew up in Thomasville, Alabama. At Thomasville High School he played quarterback, wide receiver, running back, and defensive back. His high school career stats include 14 interceptions and over 4,000 yards of offense.He received scholarship offers from the likes of Auburn, Ole Miss and LSU but ultimately choosing to play for The University of Alabama. In college, he started in 37 out of the 50 games and recieved awards like the Committed to Excellence and Most Improved Corner awards. Anthony Madison is a Super bowl winning Cornerback and boasts 2 AFC Championships. Anthony Madison played for the Pittsburgh Steelers on and off before he retired in the offseason of 2012.



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Anthony Madison has led the Pittsburgh Steelers to win the AFC Championship twice and helped them win the Super Bowl in 2008. Anthony Madison has also revisited his hometown of Thomasville, Alabama and shared his message of sportsmanship and spiritual testimony with the students of Thomasville High School.

1. The objective of this game is to score more points than the other team during the allotted time.2. A touchdown is worth 6 points. 3. After a touchdown, the scoring team can attempt a field goal for an extra point. 4. There are 4 15 minute quarters. 5. Each team receives three timeouts per half6. Three minutes before the start of the game, the referee meets with captains from both teams for a coin toss7. The offensive team moves the ball forward in sections of at least 10 yards.8. The game consists of a series of downs, individual plays of short duration, outside of which the ball is dead or not in play. 9. No more than 11 players on the field at a time. 10. If the offense succeeds in advancing at least 10 yards, they earn a "first down."

Anthony Madison


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