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Anthony Browne

Anthony BrowneBorn September 11th, 1946

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Awards: Kate Greenaway Medal, Runner-up for Alice in Wonderland, Deutscher Jugendliteraturepreis, Kurt Maschler Award (3 times), and awards for multuple books as writier and illustrator

Fun Facts: Born in Northern England, designed greetings cards for 15 years before writing and illustrating his own books

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Through the Magic MirrorToby was fed up with everything at home. He walked past a mirror but realized that there was something different. He was able to walk through the mirror to what looked like to be his road. There were many things different about this new area. He was frightened so he went back through the mirror and was finally back home.

Bear HuntBear was walking through a forest and there were two hunters trying to capture him. Bear had a pencil that could draw things that came to life once he finished. Bear escaped the hunters multiple times by using his pencil. Bear ended up leaving the forest on a bird that was drawn and left the two hunters behind.

PiggybookThe Piggott family relied on their wife or mom to do everything for them. The husband (and dad) and the sons expected food to be ready, the house to be cleaned, and beds to be made for them every day. One day the mom was tired of it all and left leaving a note saying "You are pigs." The dad and sons had a hard time living with mom in the house and it became a pigsty. The mom finally returned home and the dad and sons began to help around the house.

Mini-Lesson: Voice

ReflectionThrough the Magic Mirror was very detailed and full of imagination. I relate to this as I often day dream and think of unimaginative moments like that. Toby uses his creative mind to make a world that fiction. Anthony Browne does a great job using descriptive words to create an image in your mind without looking at the illustrations. He uses an introduction that brings you into to what will happen next. Not only were the illustrations marvelous, the words that Anthony chose fit right in. The flow of the text was easy to read and I was able to comprehend what the book was talking about.

Extra Credit:

Me and YouThree bears sat at the table to eat their porridge but it was too hot. They went for a walk outside and when they were gone a girl came into their house. She tried the porrage and ate all of the baby bear's, she then sat in the chairs and broke baby bear's chair, and then went to sleep in the bed and was in baby bear's bed. When the bears got home they realized that something was wrong and found her upstairs. She ran away very fast!

Mini-Lesson Ideas:


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