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Anthony Browne

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Kate Greenaway Medal1983 - Gorilla1992 - ZooKurt Maschler Award1983 - Gorilla1988 - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (illustrations)1998 - Voices in the ParkHans Christian Andersen Award-2000-Children's Laureate-2009-

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Anthony BrowneAuthor & Illustrator


-Born September 11, 1946 in Sheffield, United Kingdom-Grew up in Hipperholme, In Yorkshire-Went to Leeds College of Art-Studied Graphic Design-Painted insides of peoples bodies for medical text books-Illustrated greeting cards which lead to children's books


Great Children's Writers 14 min.Anthony Browne Interview 9 min.


Little Beauty is about the power and need of friendship and love. Anthony Browne needs few words to tell this story as he uses color and character expressions to help highlight his themes through the gentle giant gorilla and his unlikely friend the kitten.

Silly Billy tells the story of a boy who worries. The story and illustrations are easy to connect with as we have all worried about something and the illustrators contrast between light and dark colors helps create mood throughout the book. The attached true story of the worry dolls shared at the end is a nice cultral learning experience.


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