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Social Studies

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Where is Antarctica? Antarctica is in the Southern hemisphere.It has Elephant seals,Weddle seals and Leopard seals. It also is a continent and its the coldest.


By Kye and Lucas

OceansThere is only 1 ocean that surrounds Antarctica.and its the Southern Ocean. Also there is only 1 sea in Antarctica whitch is the Ross sea. That is the only Ocean and sea in Antarctica.

GlaciersGlaciers are slow moving ice of rivers. Antarctica is the only place that has the biggest glacier in the world. All glaciers are made of ice and water.

Interesting FactsAntarctica is the coldest, driest, windiest place on earth.There are 5 contienents in the world and Antarctica is the coldest.

WindsThe winds in Antarctica can speed up to 300 kilometers per hour and they are called Katabatics. Rain fallAntarctica has a low rain fall. TemperatureAntarctia is 40 degrees celcius. Its the snowest and its the icyest continet on earth.

Boat RideYou can go on boat rides but you go in paddle boats. You can learn lots about all the animals, fish, seals, and penguins.

Who goes to Antarctica?In Antarctica scientists and tourists are allowed there because they can find out about different things.We can learn alot about things we do not have in Australia.

Description of Crab eater sealCrabeater seals are like leopard seals but just with no spots. They have all white under them and they have really light brown on top of them.

Diet of Crab Eater SealCrab eater seals eat all kinds of krill. Their favourite one is male krill. The krill are really tiny so when they are hungry they have to have lots of krill if they don't want to starve for food.


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