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A movie slideshow showing some of the animals of Antarctica

Fast FactsAntarctica is the southernmost continent on Earth.Antarctica is surrounded by the Southern Ocean.Most of Antarctica is covered in ice over 1.6 kilometres thick (1 mile).Because it experiences such little rain, Antarctica is considered a desert.The name ‘Antarctica’ comes from a Greek word meaning ‘opposite to the north’.


Antarctica is the southernmost continent on Earth

Halley VI British Research Station

The only warm-blooded animal that stays on the Antarctic continent during the harsh winter is the emperor penguin. Emperor penguin females lay one egg in June and leave to spend the winter at sea. The male penguins stay on land all winter, surviving the most extreme conditions for nine weeks without food, keeping their egg warm by balancing it on their feet and covering it with a flap of abdominal skin. The females return just about the time the eggs hatch.

Map of Research Stations

Troll Research Station

Antarctica has no official flag as it is not a nation nor is it ruled by a single government or body. The Antarctic Treaty Organization adopted a flag in 2002 and is used as an unofficial symbol of the continent.

The Antarctic was first seen in 1820. The first human landing there is claimed by Henryk Bull, in 1895. The first woman in Antarctica was Catherine Mikkelson, in 1935 (she was the wife of a Norwegian whaling captain). The South Pole was first reached by a Norwegian named Roald Amundsen in 1911, and shortly after by British explorer Robert Scott.

Adopted Flag


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