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Glaciologist in Antarctica

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The Antarctic Glaciological Data Center (AGDC) at the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) archives and distributes Antarctic glaciological and cryospheric system data

NSIDC scientists are known internationally for their expertise in a range of fields related to the cryosphere. In-house scientists investigate the dynamics of Antarctic ice shelves, monitor the links between Arctic sea ice and climate, study new techniques for the remote sensing of snow and freeze/thaw cycles of soil, account for snow in hydrologic modeling, research large-scale shifts in polar climate, investigate seasonally and permanently frozen ground, and work to improve understanding of river and lake ice. Browse the table below to view project summaries.

Scientists from around the world use data housed at NSIDC to support their research. Some of these scientists work here at NSIDC, providing both context and input concerning our data management activities. Through their research, our scientists help further understanding of the many changes that our planet is undergoing.

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And thats only 2004 we are in 2013!



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