[2019] Will Ehner: Antarctica

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[2019] Will Ehner: Antarctica

Antarctica is the coldest place on earth it can get to be as cold as  -128.6 degrees Fahrenheit! Antarctica is  7 million cubic miles of ice and is 90% of the world’s total ice.  The average thickness of the ice is 1.5 miles.


Antarctica is considered one of the largest deserts! It gets 1 to 6 inches of precipitation per year, depending on where on the continent you measure. Most of the precipitation is snow. Antarctica is at the southern most part of the Indian, Atlantica and Pacific Oceans.  Atmospheric water comes from the oceans and is transported in the troposphere into Antarctica.

Fun facts:📎The warmest it ever was in Antarctica was in 2015. It reached a temperature of 63.5 degrees Fahrenheit. 📎 People only live in Antarctica to do research, nobody lives there as their home.📎There are some plants and animals, like different kinds of penguins, seals, birds and Orcas (killer whales).

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