Antarctic Desert

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Antarctic Desert

This is a venn diagram

This is a picture of a springtail.

Horrible Weather And A ClimateI have always wondered, if you're in the Antarctic Desert does the climate go up? You'll find out soon.Each desert has a different climate. A climate is a usual weather for a place. The temperature, wind, rain, or snow make up a climate. A climate affects how a desert looks and the things that live there.Antarctica is one of the driest deserts. It hasn't rained or snowed there on some parts of Antarctica in thousands of years.Mostly all of Antarctica gets tiny bits of snow each year. Since the climate is so cold, the snow doesn’t melt. Over time, the snow increases. It forms ice sheets. Some very icy parts of Antarctica are over 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) thick.To explore the desert, you are going to be piled up with clothes. You’re wearing two coats. On your feet, heavy boots over four pairs of socks. A fur outlined hat, and hood, and three heavy pair of gloves. But you’re still cold!What’s even worse- it’s snowing. Actually, it’s not, it just looks like it is. Antarctica is the windiest continent on the planet.Antarctica’s scary winds whip snow that’s already fallen. It’s like a horrible blizzard! This is called a whiteout. You feel like you’re inside a giant ping ping ball.

This is a map of the Antarctic Desert.

Only Ice Cold Snow?Life on Antarctica can be very difficult. Not many animals live on the desert. All penguins spend most of their time in the water. Although,one of the next smallest creatures is called a springtail. This insect- like creature doesn’t have that much to look at but it’s very tough. It’s body doesn’t freeze though, it’s body makes a chemical that’s like a shield that protects it from the cold. The springtale moves around eating algae and fungi.A few plants grow here. In a few places there is lots of ice, you can see some soil here too. Yet it is thin and rocky. The harsh winds whip all of but the toughest plants. Most of the plants are small. Mosses grab onto tiny parts of soil. They don’t need much water. But they can also stand harsh fierce winds.

Snow Or Sand?The sun will slowly rise over Antarctica. The sun creeps across the frozen land. Icy rocks sparkle in the bright light. A scary wind howls. The wind carries a heap of snow. Hundreds of penguins huddle on a rocky hill. There isn’t that much signs of life here. This is just the beginning of another day in the worlds largest desert.It’s true, Antarctica is a desert. That might surprise you, but you won’t find any sand dunes here. It’s too cold for there to be sand. Not all deserts are sandy and hot, they could also be cold and icy too. Or they can be foggy and rocky. All deserts have one thing in common, they’re all dry. Every year deserts get less than 25 centimeters ( 10 inches) of rain or snow.

Antarctic Desert

ConfusingYou might get confused about the Arctic Polar and the Antarctic Desert. You probably will think that they are the same thing, but they are not. The Antarctic Desert is in the South Pole, the Arctic Polar is in the North Pole. And the Antarctic Desert is bigger than the Arctic Polar. The Arctic Polar stretches across Alaska (United States), Canada, Finland, Greenland (Denmark), Iceland, Norway, Russia, and Sweden. The Antarctic Desert is on the continent Antarctica.


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