Antacid Back Titration

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Antacid Back Titration

Tums Ultra Strength vs. CVS Maximum

Antacid Back Titration

Tums Ultra Strength

-3.5% CaCO3 per tablet-4x less than the Tums Ultra Strength -slow relief so you will be suffering longer

-More CaCO3 per tablet for faster relief than CVS Maximum Strength-14% per of CaCO3 tablet -180mg of CaCO3

CVS Maximum Strength

Are you not feeling so yum yum in your tum tum? TUMS antacid can provide you fast relief from heartburn so you can go about your day or night without discomfort. Check out different varieties like smoothies, chewy delights, freshers, and sugar-free.

All calculations supported by lab data after extensive hours in the lab

Tums can last up to 3 hours of relief

The desicion is delicious! Buy TUMS today!


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