[2013] zach macleod (6B 2013 - 2014): Ant study

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[2013] zach macleod (6B 2013 - 2014): Ant study


EnemiesSLURP! Is the sound anteaters make when they eat ants even though ant eaters are pretty obvious enemies of ants there are other enemies too. Such as the ant loving snail that produces a good smelling slime so ants take it into the storage for food the when it is inside the food storage it wipes the slime of and free loads on the food storage, the horned lizard barges in and slurps them up with its tongue anteaters and armadillos also use this strategy. One of ants main enemies are other ant colonies they fight over land and food and sometimes to stop a colony from growing to big and taking over. Ant’s main defenses are there stingers, mandibles and their hard exoskeleton. Some types spray acid or other spray that can kill or paralyze smaller or weaker arthropods. Humans also Have an impact on them though not a huge one because there are more ants on earth than humans. But people do squash, poison, flood and eat ants. You’re probably thinking eat ants, GROSS!!! But there are people how enjoy them especially chocolate covered ones or the ants that have honey in their abdomen. Most people though people do all this stuff to ant there are still more ants in the world than people. So be careful what you do to them because maybe they’ll grow giant, take over and have revenge…

Ants are the perfect combonation of brains and brawn especially in numbers. As shown in theese videos.

HabitatHave you ever wondered what the largest ant colony is? IF you guessed 3700 miles long you’d be right! This is longer then the U.S.A.by the way! By now you must have guessed there are A LOT of ants in a colony over tens of thousands some over ten million! Army ants food they march through villages, jungles don’t have a home kind of strange right? All they do is march in search of and even over rivers by making a human I mean ant bridge. Speaking of homes, ants that have them make rooms we would expect them to have like a storage room for food and a nursery for the eggs but they also have strange rooms like ant apartments, bathrooms and water storages they even have a throne room for the queen.

DIETA scorpion is walking along looking for food he finds a tasty ant to eat he gobbles it up suddenly he hears a rustling sound thousands of ants crawl out of there hiding places swarming the scorpion and that was the last thing he saw… ants scavenge but some like fresh meat and all like sugar! If you’re wondering how ants can eat a person? First they swarm then well no more necessary. Ant’s main prey are scorpions, aphids and spiders. But they do gather stuff like fruit and sugar. What comes to mind when you think about two stomached animals’ cows? Well yes but ants also have two stomachs. The second stomach is called the crop. Almost all the food the ant eats goes to the crop only the smallest amount of food goes to the regular stomach. Where the food is stored until the ant regurgitates it and shares it.

YOUNG THE BEGINNING Ants at the beginning first they are an egg then pupa after that larvae later they are an antling finally adult they last a few weeks then help the queen. In the colony ants have a hatchery in the nest where the eggs are sorted by age. There are over 1000 ants in the colony plus eggs, larva, pupa, and adult ants. Some ants take eggs from other colonies when the ants grow up they work as slaves. Fun fact Ants have a bathroom in the colony.

CommunicationSmells like fun right. No? Oh I guess you don’t communicate like an ant. Ants communicate with different smells or pheromones. Like the smell lemon would be hi and orange would be by. It’s kind of like that but a lot more complex. They also use some sound or even there antenna to feel vibrations of there enemies. When ants are attacked by enemies they can produce an alarm pheromone to warn the other ants and can also produce a confuse pheromone to make the ants turn on each other. When the ants find food they produce a different pheromone and also leave a trail of food for other ants to follow

Book1 Greenland,Caroline.Natures children ants. Danburry : Groiler: grolier, 1985Book 2 Rowan, James P. There were other books but these were the main ones.

APPEARENCEAs you look across your counter and you see some white ants hauling a banana across the table. WHITE ANTS!!!!!!!!!! Yes remember that milk you spilt that the ants drank? They turned white because of that. You see ant have clear stomachs. They usually eat fruit meat or a plant that’s why there almost always red, green, black or brown.Ant’s size can very from one centimeter to one inch! Even though ants aren’t that big they can still hurt with their mandibles and stingers they can even kill in drastic numbers. There are five types of ants in a colony the queen that is sometimes 7 times larger than other ants and has wings and lays eggs , male ants whose only job is to mate with the queen and also have wings, worker ants that repair the nest, build the nest and get the food and take care of the young by moving it around to keep it cold or hot, solder ants keep the nest safe by eating intruders the way the ants can tell if other ants are invading is by smell, all different colonies have a different smell or pheromone they will attack all other living things that don't smell the same.

Press for ant raft across river

The tree of life

Fun fact ant can stand on vertical or even upside down surfaces.

Upside down ant.

Army ant ready to strike.


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