Another week of Happiness

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Another week of Happiness

Anti-gravity yoga can help with your spine alignment. It's possible that you can "grow" anywhere between 1/4 to 1.5 inches after a class.The silk scarf used in anti-gravity yoga cost about $365. It may sound pricey but it supports up to 2000 pounds! If you can do at least 3 situps in a row, you can do an anti-gravity yoga class.

More Healthy Dishes!

This week was packed with fun as we made trips to Cuzina Grill, Gardner's, the Fresh Market and the Spartanburg Athletic Club, learned about raw veganism and anti-gravity yoga and met once again with nutritionist Alice Sutton.

This week we had another wonderful potluck lunch with salad, chick pea dip, frozen yogurt, kombucha tea, pasta salad, gluten free, vegan blueberry muffins and snacks such as cashews, almonds and delicious dark chocolate covered goji berries!

We learned that...

Raw vegan food does not have to bland or disgusting. Check out these delicious raw vegan brownies! Yum!

Take Home Lessons

If you are unable to drink cow's milk or you just don't want to, try soy milk that is vitamin D fortified. It has much more protein than almond or rice milk.There are many different types of vegetarians: semi-vegetarians, lacto-ovo vegetarians and pescatarians.

Another Week of Happiness!

Anti-Gravity Yoga

What we did...

Check out this raw vegan recipe!

This week from our competitive game "Me Too" we learned that we have a lot in common with each other!


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