Another Endangered Species- Tree Kangaroos

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Another Endangered Species- Tree Kangaroos

Another endangered species:Tree Kangaroos

Population has dropped 80% over the last 30 years.

There are14 different different species of tree kanagroo.


REASONS FOR ENDANGERMENTThreatened by depletion of habitat – Indonesian tropical rainforests, and hunting them for their pelts and food.

Habitat has been largely removed for logging productions, or made into to coffee, rice or wheat production. Loss of habitat also exposes tree kangaroos to predation by dogs and hunters.

Things we can do to help:· -Support WWF's efforts to preserve tree kangaroo habitat - only buy wood or wood products which have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).-Make a Donation to the WWF foundation here,

Things that are being done to help:-Reducing deforestation and loss of habitat caused by illegal logging-Raising awareness for loss of habitat and hunting effects-Reducing illegal hunting through programmes such as TRAFFIC

WWF is a large contributer in awareness in protecting many endangered species, include Tree Kanagroos, and the environment.

Tree Kangroos mostly eat leaves and fruit but have been know to eat eggs, sap, young birds or bark.

Live in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Australia


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