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Decreases Fat Society-Destroys Obesity!Cause Anorexic Environmental Factors-Distorted Weight & Bulimia! Starve Yourself To Perfection- Website Influences Teenages To Go On A Diet!Being Loathed Like A Celebrity-Psychologically Unhappy LifestyleBeautiful Life Of A Fashion Model-Having A Great Self-Image Causes A Brain Abnormality-Not Eating Destroys You And Creates A Deadly Brain Defect


By Yamaany Sims


My Opinion: is that Anorexia is not just a disorder, it's mental problem that triggers physical problems; but in most cases, i guess it's a choice within teenagers and young women.

Cited Work:

Cited Work: Wang, Shirley S. "Study Sheds Light on Anorexia Treatment". Pro quest. SIRS. Wall Street Journal. 20 Spetember 2013. Database: SIRS Subject Research. 4 December 2013.

Controversion & ArugmentAnorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by a person's refusal to maintain a healthy body weight. Anorexics have an excessive fear of gaining weight due to a distorted self-image which often leads them to diet and exercise excessively despite being thin or underweight. To date, studies have been unable to pinpoint an exact cause of anorexia. Some studies suggest that a person's biology or genetic makeup may predispose them to developing anorexia when they are exposed to a trigger such as dieting and weight loss. Others point to society's promotion of a thin body as the ideal female form as a risk factor for anorexia.

Most women with Anorexia only injest 1200 calories a day then late down the line only 800 or 400!

Ailment Treatments for Anorexia kills up to 15% of people who are aided by doctors!

The normal amount is 2400!


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