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Annotated Book List

Memory String By Eve BuntingIllustrated by Ted RandInterest level: k-2Reading Level: 3.4Genre: FictionThe main character, Laura, has a string of buttons to remind her of her mother who has passed away. When the string breaks, her new step-mom tries to help Laura pick up the buttons and find the one that is missing. Laura learns that her step-mom is not trying to be here new mom but her friend. She also learns that the memory sting is not just for old memories but new ones as well.Themes:Character and value, culture and diversity, coping

Hatchet By Gary PaulsenGrades: 6-12Reading Level: 5.7Genre: Fictional NovelHatchet is about a thirteen-year-old boy, Brian, whose parents get a divorce. He is on a plane going to visit his father and it crashes. Brian is alone in the Canadian wilderness with nothing but the clothes on his back and the hatchet his mother gave him. It will take all his determination, knowledge and courage to survive.Themes:Divorce, survival, Canada

Circle of Gold By Candy Dawson BoydGrade Level: 3-7Reading Level: 5.1Genre: FictionMattie loses her father and her mother is left to take care of the family alone. The stress Mattie’s mother is under leads her to take out her frustrations on Mattie. She successfully attempts to bring her family closer together by entering a writing contest that shows just how much her family means to one another.Themes:Challenges and overcoming obstacles, family life, African American History

Under the Royal Palms By Alma Flor AdaGrade Level: 3-5Reading Level: 6.1Genre: Memoir, Autobiography and BiographyThis book is a collection of stories from the author’s childhood growing up in Cuba. We see the events and relationships, which shaped who she is today.Themes:Family Life, Latin American History

The Baby is Here! By Angela C. Santomero and Becky FriedmanGrade Level: PreK- 2Reading Level: Genre: FictionDaniel Tiger is getting a new baby sister. He is looking for a special way to welcome the new baby and finds a present.Themes:Family, change

The One and Only Ivan By Katherine ApplegateInterest level: 3-5Reading Level: 3.5Genre: FictionIvan is an ape in a zoo. He makes friends and likes to paint. He meets a baby elephant who was separated from her family. He helps her deal with the change.Themes:Friendship, Zoo Animals, Change

Everything Changes (Heartland book #14)By Lauren BrookeInterest level: 6-8Reading Level: 5.1Genre: Realistic FictionThe main character, Amy, learns that everything changes. She is training a new mustang stallion while she is coping with Ty being in a coma and her friends and family start new relationships.Themes:Coping, Relationships, Feelings

Pink and Say By Patricia PolaccoGrade Level: 3-5Reading Level: 4.9Genre: Historical FictionThis is the true story of the Civil War in which a fellow Union Sailor drags a 15-year-old sailor to safety. The main character, Say, survives after they are captured and is able to pass the story down through the author’s family.Themes:American Civil War, courage, bravery, heroism, honor, friends and friendship


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