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Annotated book list


Recycle Every Dayby Nancy Elizabeth

Recycle That! by Fay Robinson

Magic School Bus Gets Recycledby Anne Capeci

Why Should I Recycle?by Jen Green

Making Less Trashby Peggy Hock

Earth Dayby Margaret McNamara

Michael Recycleby Ellie Bethel

Our Earth: Helping Outby Peggy Hock

This introduces kids to our growing garbageissue, and gives tips onhow to take steps in ourown homes to help!

Level 3.3

Emma learns a valuablelesson on recycling when her teacher challenges the class to save the world.

Michael Recycle is a "green" super-hero that uses his powers to spread knowledge about recycling.

Mr. Jones teaches his class how he recycles, and he even takes them to the recycling plant to see where it all goes!

Another great Peggy Hock book explains to us all of the ways in which we can save the environment.

The class goes on an adventure at the recycling plant when Phoebe's necklace goes missing during the class's recycling drive.

Colorful photos help this book explain all about recycling, what we can and can't recycle, and how recycling can save the planet.

Minna the rabbit, along with the help of her family, creates a recycling poster for the Community Recycling Calendar Contest.

Level 2.2

Level 3.7

Level 3.3

Level 2.6

Level 2.2

Level 3.7

Level 3.3

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