Annotated Book List - Animals around the World

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Annotated Book List - Animals around the World

Annotated Book List

Here I have created a list of related literature for my Animals around the World Unit.

First Animal Encyclopediaby DK Publishing

Dinosaursby Grace Maccarone

Brrr! A book about Polar Animalsby Melvin and Gilda Berger

Does a Kangaroo have a Mother, too?by Eric Carle

Ocean Babiesby Deborah Lee Rose

Animal Boogieby Debbie Harter

Animal ABCby David Wojtowycz

The Rainbow Fishby Marcus Pfister

Reading level 1.4Geared for younger students, this book takes readers on a journey through the alphabet, introducing a wild array of animal characters. It uses colorful images to capture the readers’ attention and to clarify the text. It also introduces animals that are not normally found in animal books, such as the "athletic aardvark" and the "ballet-dancing bumble bee."

Guided reading level IThis interactive book comes with a singalong CD, that shows children the movements and actions that various jungle creatures complete on a day in the Indian Jungle. The audio track of the text has been linked to the photo above.

Guided reading level OThis informational selection offers young readers context about animal habitats in both the Arctic and Antarctic. The author provides intriguing text and real pictures of the Polar animals to keep the readers’ attention.

Guided reading level FThis book has a collection of four non-fiction and fiction stories that introduces readers to different species of dinosaurs. Readers can learn simple facts about these ancient creatures in this book, that also provides readers with rhyming text and realistic illustrations.

Guided reading level FThis Eric Carle classic is written using repetitive text and question and answer format that encourages adults and young readers to read together. This also assists with improving early readers’ word recognition. This book introduces readers to the different names of animal babies and their mothers.

Reading level N/AThis book is filled with photographs and fascinating facts about a variety of different animals. It can be used as an additional reference for many different aged students when they want to find more information about animals.

Sheep in a Jeep by Nancy Shaw

Guided reading level OThis is a non-fiction collection that shows different animals in the safari and how they spend a day on the Savannah. Readers will get a real-life look at the lions, zebras, giraffes, and hippos that live in the safari and many other animals that they encounter. This edition of National Geographic also teaches readers which animals are "friends" and which are "fauxs".

National Geographic: Safariby Gail Tuchman

Guided reading level MThis is the story about a beautifully colored fish who swims through the ocean wanting the other fish to admire him. He finds the value of true friendship and happiness when he learns to share with the other fish.** You can view a guided reading lesson plan for this book by clicking here.

Guided reading level GThis book tells the comical adventure of some sheep on a wild ride that doesn't end as they had hoped. It is written using rhyming form, that makes it an easy and entertaining read for any young, emergent reader.

Guided reading level JThis book introduces readers to the types of animal babies present in the ocean, along with beautiful illustrations and poetic language. It also gives the readers information on specific habitats and behaviors of certain animals. The life cycles of oceanic animals and strategies to live are also mentioned in this selection.

Guided reading level CThis engaging book is great for young readers as it is written in a question and answer format that motivates the readers to keep reading. This book also uses a large amount of sight words for readers to become acquainted with. You can view a shared reading plan for this book by clicking here.

Brown Bear, Brown Bearby Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle

Guided reading level LThis visually compatible and informational book allows young readers to understand how they would measure up next to a variety of animals by drawing animals or their specific characteristic at their actual size. Some animals or their features may not even fit on one page, such as the saltwater crocodile mouth and head that takes up three pull- out pages. It also provides interesting facts and physical dimensions of the animals mentioned in this book.

Actual Size by Steve Jenkins


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