Annie Oakley

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Annie Oakley

Frank Butler (Annie's Husband), Annie, and their dog, George

*Born on August 13, 1860 in Ohio as Phoebe Ann Moses*As a child, Annie did chores with her dad outside. She would rather be outside than inside doing chores with her mom.*Annie taught herself how to shoot a rifle, so she could shoot animals to feed her family. She also sold the animals to make money.

*Annie was in a shooting competition with Frank Butler. She beat him. Then Frank fell in love with Annie.*Annie and Frank performed in a circus. Then Annie joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.*Annie was a tomboy that wore dresses. She sewed all her costumes.*

Annie Oakley

Watanya Cecila"Little Sure Shot"

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show

ANNIE GET YOUR GUN-movie about Annie's life

Sitting Bull gave Annie an indian nickname.

Annie is my hero because she helped her family a lot. She also helped others by working at an orphanage. Annie taught soldiers how to shoot, and she worked for the Red Cross.


Annie knew lots of tricks with a rifle.


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