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annie oakley ponce

When Annie Oakley was six years old her father died.Her mother remarried. Then she became a widow.Her mother sent Annie to a poor farm. Annie met her mother again when she was 15 years old.

Annie taught her self to shoot a gun to hunt small animals and sell them for cash. She made $200 to pay off the mortage on the farm. She attended shooting matches. She faced an Irish immigrant named Frank Butler. Annie won and ended up winning his heart.She and her opponent Frank Butler got married in 1876. She was only 16 years old when she got married.

Annie Oakley

Annie got hired to the Wild West Show with Buffalo Bill Cody. Annie could throw 6 balls in the air and grab her gun and shot all of them before they hit the ground. Annie Oakley can shoot behind her back on her shoulder and a mire so she can she were she was aiming at.

Annie real names was Phobe Ann Mozee A indiane chef wanted to adopt her as a daughter her gave her named Watanya Ceeilia which means little sure shot. Annie left the buisness wild west show. In 1891 she got injured in a train wreck Frank and Annie were married for 50 years. She had 6 brothers and sisters the family she worked for was mean. They had Annie work and not get paid. She woudn't get fed or couldn;t get a glass of water and they would lock her out when it was cold or when ranning. The family was about to lose the farm. Annie died and they think it was from lead poisening from all of the gun shots she shot. Her husband died 16 days after do to the heart failer



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