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Annie Jump Cannon

Born Dec. 11, 1863

Died Apr. 13, 1941

Born: Dover, Delaware

Lived: Massa-chusetts

Annie classified more stars in her lifetime than anyone else had in their own (about 350,000) and lead the way for future astronomers to better study and understand the stars and space. We can know more about stars and related topics because of what she found.

Annie classified several 100,000 stars up to the 11th magnitude and discovered 300 variable stars (stars whose brightness changes) in addition to 5 novae (exploding stars/brightness suddenly changes then returns to normal).

Annie discovered 100's of variable stars and created a system of classification (a combination of 2 known models after usual systems didn't work for her) that became the universal standard where she "listed 100's of 1000's of stars". Annie used her system to create the simplified classes O, B, A, F, G, K, M which the mnemonic device "Oh Be A Fine Girl - Kiss Me!" was created for and used by astronomers for years.,,

Annie Jump Cannon

Wellesley & Radcliffe CollegesDegree In Physics

**Annie was completely deaf!**



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