Anne of Green Gables

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Anne of Green Gables

Diana is Anne's busum friend as Anne calls her. She is full with imagination and love Anne like a sister.

Anne is a romantic little girl that loves to write and read. She adores nature and she is talking all the time.

Marilla took Anne in and brought her up as her own. She loves Anne dearly but tries not to show it. She is very strict and not very optimistic.

Anne Of Green Gables

No, I wasn't crying over your piece Anne. I just couldn't help thinking of the little girl you used to be, Anne

We'll they didn't pick you for looks that is certain. She is terrible, skinny, and homely.

My life is a perfect graveyard full of buried hopes.

I love you devotedly Anne, and I always will ,you may be sure of that.

Don't give up all your romance ,Anne, a little of it is a good thing-not too much of course-but keep a little of it Anne, keep a little of it.

Anne has a vibrant personality and loves to imagine romantic fictional creatures. Anne's worst fear is to be humiliated. She passionately hates Gilbert Blythe.

Anne and Diana scared of the Haunted Wood.

Mathew is Marilla's brother. He loves Anne dearly. He comforted her until his life came to a tragic end.

Rachel Lyne is a gossiper who likes to know every thing about everyone. She learns to adore Anne for her romantic personality.


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