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Anne Murray

After Anne graduated from highschool she went for a year to Saint Vincent's Woman's College located in Halifax. She then went to the University of New Brunswick in Fredricton, where she studied physical education. She went on to become a physical education teacher in Prince Edward Island.

Morna Anne Murray was born on June 20th 1945.She grew up in small town Springhill, Nova Scotia, with her parents and five brothers.Anne's father was the town doctor and her mother was a registered nurse. Anne's whole childhood was a musical buzz, her family was always singing a tune.

Anne won many awards. She has received four Grammy's, three American Music Awards, three Canadian Country Awards and thirty one Juno Awards.Anne has also been honoured in many hall of fames, The Canadian Country Music Hall, Juno Hall of Fame, Canadian Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame, Stars on Canada's Walk of Fame, Country Music Hall of Fame's Walkway of Stars. Anne even added her hand print to the Resorts Entrance to the Stars on the boardwalk of Atalantic City.

" I think it was grade 11 at her graduation, that she sang 'Ave Maria'. Anne noticed that people were crying in the audiance. Thats when she knew that her voice must be good " (43).

Snowbird was the single that made her famous.The song was on her second album andthe hit single became one of Americas most played song in 1970. Radio stations loved it. Snowbird was the first single to achive gold record status in the U.S.A. for a Canadian female solo artist.

Anne Murray

Anne married Bill Langstroth in 1975 and had two children. Anne later divorced Bill.

Anne guest starred in many TV shows.She met The Beatles, Bare Naked Ladies, Prime Ministers, American Presidents and many more famous people.Many people held a great respect for Anne Murray.Anne to this day shows no sign of slowing down in her career as she loves it too much, Anne will countinue to keep making albums and people will continue to listen to her 'country croonin'.

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