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Anne Marie Frank (by madz8)

Anne Marie Frank

Six of Anne Friends

Edith Frank (Mom)

Margot Frank (Sister)

Otto Frank (Dad)

Meip Gies (Friend)

Peter Van Pels (Boy Friend)

Hanneli Goslar (Friend)

Relationship Status

'Despite everything I think people are really good at heart.'-Anne Frank

Anne Marie Frank was dating Peter Van Pels. He was a teenager who loved cats, and was hiding in the 'Secret Annex' with Anne.

Relationship Status

Fun Facts Anne Marie Frank was born June 12, 1929. She lived in Amesterdam, Holland untill age 14 (died one year later.) Died of Typhus in a consintration camp on March 28, 1945. She wrote an award winning diary while she was hiding from Hitler (She was Jewish). She was the face and voice of the Holucaust, she showed the people what it was like to hide as a Jewish girl in Word War 11

Anne and Mardot shortly before they went into hiding.

'Anne became more and more adult while they were in hiding.' -Meip Gies

Anne Frank's Diary

'I love Anne and my cat Mooche.'-Peter Van Pels 'Anne was a exciting , and very courious girl..'-Meip Gies



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