Anne Frank's room

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Anne Frank's room

Members of the royal family

Anne was fascinated with the pictures. So, she stuck on the wall of her room photos of celebrities, singers and especially of the royal family.

Here was where Anne let her thoughts and feelings flow, and she wrote them all in her diary.

I choose to furnish this room because I think that Anne Frak was the main character of the story and this room was where she wrote all we know about what happened to Jewish families at the tragic moment.

Anne Frank´s room

Here was where Anne and her sister , Margot, slept

In the diary Anne described exactly what the hiding place looks like inside

She was the yunguest of the family. She was just 13 when persecution of the Jews started. She didn´t complain, she was always cheerful and joking, she was satisfied and she reconciled herself to her fate with the wisdom of an adult.

She is the eldest daughter in the Frank Family. When they just had moved to the Secret Annex she had 16 years old. She was a calm, serious girl who enjoys studying. Anne and Margot had a few arguments during their time in the Secret Annex, but sometimes they got on well and took about lots of things.

Anne Frank

Margot Frank


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