Anne Frank's diary

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Anne Frank's diary

Anne Frank's DiaryBy: Daniela Cifuentes

Time Line


Annelies Marie Frank is born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt Germany

On Anne's 13th birthday, celebrated in the annex she was given a diary which she named "kitty." In this diary she wrote about her everyday expiriences along with letters to her kitty which she had left behind at her house.

In 1933 Anne, her older sister Margot, her mother Edith, and father Otto moves to Amsterdam for new opportunities.





In 1942 Anne, her family, and some friends were forced to move into the annex, an attic hidden behind a book shelf. This is where Anne spent all of her time without seeing the light of day.

Her father was one of the few who survived and escaped the concentration camp and eventually made a book about his daughter and her diary

In 1945 Anne andall the people who were staying with her got taken by Germanofficers. They took all their precious belongings liketheir gold and valuables. They all gotsplit up and sent to various concentraion camps.

In 1945, Margot and Anne Frank die from Hyphus in concentrstion camp Bergen-Belsen.


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