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Anne Franke

The Diary of a Young Girl Anne Frank

- Some parents and/or teachers are afraid their children would be affected by the sexuality in The Diary of Anne Frank. but It is a diary of a teenage girl, of course it's going to describe a curious girl with her changing body, it is also nothing that is not going to happen to their child, it will actually help them knowing that this is normal. But throughout the entire book there was little to none sexuality at all. There is only one page where Anne Franke describes her feelings to kiss someone and feel her breasts.


The Diary of a Young Girl Anne Frank is a non-fiction book that tells the tale of a teenage jewish girl during WW2 through her diary. Although it has much historical value and is very insightful in to the conditions the Jewish People lived in during WW2, This book has been challenged multiple times because of it's sexual theme's, it's display of racism against the Jewish people and the hateful crimes presented to the Jewish people. Even though hiding the information will not help and instead will do the exact opposite. This book should not be challeneged because it holds much historical value about the conditions in WW2.

Reasons for being Challenged

During World War 2 the Jewish people were discriminated and treated 'unhumanly' such as being tortued in prison camps, killed and recieved restricted rights, some parents think this might harm their children. But this is fact and should not be forgotten as it is a part of history and should be learned from.


Sexual Themes

Hate Crimes

The Diary of Anne Frank is a diary about history, unfortunately history is full of death, rape, murder, war, crime, loss, victory and everything. Some parents also think that history is cruel and ugly, which isn't a lie, and should be restricted from their children. But history should be taught and remebered so it wont be repeated.

Tour of the Secret Annex, Anne Frank's Hiding Place

The Diary of A Young GIrl Anne Frank is a non-fiction book that tells the tale of a teenaged Jewish girl living during WW2 through her diary. It has been challenged many times because of it's sexual themes, examples of racism and discrimination demonstrated during WW2 and the Hates Crime that occured. This should not be because The Diary of Anne Frank is a non-fiction book, meaning it states history and on top of that, being made during WW2 it holds much value to the living conditions and way of life during WW2. And being a diary of a teenaged girl it also holds teachings and knowledge that will be taught to a child later on. The Diary of a Young Girl Anne Frank is a great book and should be read if you enjoy history.


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