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Anne Frank - A young Jewish Girl

These images represent the Diary of Anne Frank. Anne Frank was given this diary on her 13th Birthday. She cherished and loved this diary and wrote in it nearly everyday. This diary holds all the memories and emotions in Anne's life. She poured her heart and soul into this diary and it was like her best friend. This diary is a primary source as it was written by Anne Frank herself. The diary starts when she first gets the diart and it ends three days before she gets captured by the German Police and taken away to a concentration camp. She leaves the diary behind in the attic she hid in with her family and friends. Her diary is later found by Miep Gies, who was one of the Dutch citizens who hid Anne Frank, her family and several family friends, in the same attic that Anne hid in. She returned the diary back to Otto Frank, Anne's father, who believes that Anne's experiences should be revealed to the world.Anne Frank’s diary proves that the emotions we experience as teenagers are a universal experience. Although she lived in a completely different world to ours, she still went through many of the same emotions we all face today. This diary gives a face and a personality to the millions of Jews who died in concentration camps during World War II. Anne Frank’s wonderful and very personal diary keeps us from thinking of the victimised Jews simply as numbers but brings the experience back to real people, people like us.

Who was Anne Frank ?Anne Frank was a Jewish Girl that lived through the time that Hitler was ruling Germany. She was born on June 12th, 1929. in Frankfurt am Main, Germany however her and her family escaped to the Netherlands to start a new life. She had a mother, father and sister whowas 3 years older than her. On her 13th birthday, she received a diary. She dreamt of being a write and so that was the best present anyone could give her. Instead of writing 'Dear Diary', she named her diary 'Kitty'. On the first page of her diary she wrote : "I hope I shall be able to confide in you completely, as I have never been able to do in anyone before, and I hope that you will be a great support and comfort to me." She continued to write in her diary everyday for two years. When Hitler and the Nazies invaded the Netherlands, Anne, her family and all the Jews were fored to wear a special star, so everyone could see who they were. They had new rules to live by and they weren't allowed to do aything that they were used to be able to. Anne and her family continued on with their lives until her older sister, Margot, was ordered to go to a concentration camp The family went hiding in the attic above her father's office and they had friends who helped bring them food and kept them well hidden. Only a few people knew about this hiding place, Victor Kluger, Johannes Kleiman, Meip Gies and Bep Voskuijl. The Frank family shared the attic with other Jewish families and the only light was a skylight. Anne really hated being trapped in that small place.On September 28, 1942 she wrote into her diary : "I can't tell you how oppressive it is never to be able to go outdoors, also I am afraid that we will be discovered and shot." During the time in the attic, she made friends with a boy named Peter Van Pel. The last entry Anna wrote in her diary was on August 1st 1944. Three days after this was written, the German police found their hiding place, and so they were taken to concentration camps. However, the diary was left behind. Anne and Margaret were taken to Auschwitz and later transported o Bergen-Belson at the end of Octorber 1944. In late February or early March of 1945, Margot died of Typhus, followed just a few days later by Anne, who also died of Typhus. Bergen-Belsen was liberated on April 12, 1945, just about a month after their deaths. Today, only her father Otto Frank survived to tell the tale. Anne's diary was published and is now one of the most published books ever.

This place holds a significant role in Anne Frank's life. This very place is Otto Frank's office (shown in blue). In this house's attic was where Anne and her family were hiding with a few other Jewish families. In July 1942, the people in hiding are unaware that they will spend more than two years in the Secret Annex. All that time, they will not be able to go outside and they will have to share the darkness and dampness of the hiding place, continually fearful of being discovered.Opened to the public in 1960, the canal side house serves as a present-day reminder of the war, the predicament of its Jewish inhabitants, Anne Frank’s determined spirit and the celebrated diary she wrote during the time she spent in hiding in its Secret Annexe. People can experience and personally how Anne had to live while she was hiding. This museum hold many memories of eight Jewish refugees.

The Jews were told to wear these yellow stars sewn to their clothes so people could tell who they were. Then, even if they were little children, people in the towns had permission to spit on them, trip them in the mud, push them down, kick them out of school. The Jews weren't allowed in restaurants, or public bathrooms, or movies, even though they were some of the most successful families in the neighbourhoods. It became stylish to hate Jews. So almost everybody did.This source shows us how discriminated Jews were.. They did not have the freedom to do anything or say anything. The star represents racism and prejudice. When you truly understand the meaning of the star you begin to think about the cruelty and humiliation the Jews would have faced.

This is an image of Bergen- Belsen, the concentration camp Anne and her sister was sent to after Auschwitz. This camp is also the place where both of them died. This image represents all the hardships Jews had to go through during the reign of Hitler. They were forced to work hard and many were killed in the process. Bergen-Belsen overall, is a place of tragedy and a place where many horrors took place. People who visit there now will realise the amount of loss families would have experienced and the misfortunes that has taken place.

Final postcard sent by the Frank family to their relatives in Basel. The postmark is dated the same day the Franks left for their hiding place. In the card, they wish Lunni (Otto's sister Leni) a happy birthday, even though her birthday isn't until 8 September. The relatives in Basel understand from the card that they can no longer be in touch, but that the family is safe, and together.It is heartbreaking for anyone to know that they will never see a family member ever again. By reading this postcard, it will have a dramatic effect on people. They will feel sadness and grief as they read the last words of Anne, Margot and Edith to their relatives.

This image is a photo of the Frank Family. The Frank family suffered a terrible fate with only one family member to survive the concentration camp experience and live to tell the world about what happened through the eyes of a teenage Jewish girl, Anne Frank. At Bergen-Belsen disease was rampant and Margot and Anne became sick. In March of 1945 (the exact day is unknown) Margot who had been ill for some time fell from her bunk and died on the floor. A few days later Anne, who had lost all hope and believed her entire family dead, also died of typhus and despair just a few weeks before the camp was liberated by the British on April, 15th 1945.Both Otto and Edith Frank remained at Auschwitz when separated from their children. Edith later died of starvation some time after her daughters were relocated to Bergen-Belsen. Otto was the sole survivor of the Frank family.The Frank family had gone through so much more than people could imagine. They are a representative family for all the Jewish families in the world that were murdered during the holocaust. They are a symbol of despair and grief but also hope and persistence. They make families appreciate eachother more and make each day better than the other. It shows us that even through hard times and losing all your loved ones, will, faith and strength is what pulled Otto through. Through Otto's determination, the story of Anne Frank and her family is what it is now today, a legacy.

This statue of Anne Frank is to portray all the Jewish children that were murdered in the holocaust either or starvation, gas chambers or outright shot. This statue sits outside the house that Anne and her family were hiding in. People come see the statue and the house as a way to tribute to the Jewish people. It reminds people that even though we are going through hardships today, people like Anne were going through much more horrific times. It also effects us in a way indescribable. No one can imagine what she has been though. We can only feel sympathic towards her as we retrace her steps in history.

These four amazing people are the people who hid helped hide Anne and her family. Even though their lives were at risk everyday they did a Jew, they stopped at nothing and knew the price they would have to pay. Despite what everyone else said, these four people did not discriminate against the Jews or follow anti-semitism. Their persistance, bravery and courage enables us all to realise that we don't have to follow what everyone else does but fight for what we believe is right. Meip Gies discovered and preserved Anne Frank's diary after the Franks were arrested and returned it back to Otto Frank after he survived the holocaust.

Meip Gies

Bep Voskuijl

Johannes Kleiman

Victor Kugler

Anne Frank's heart felt journey has become an Academy Award Winning movie. Not only can we read what she was feeling, through her diary, but we can watch it aswell. The story of Anne Frank comes alive through the movie. Making it better for non readers to understand what was happening in her life. The movie is a way for people to understand what Anne Frank was going through but not in as much detail as the actual diary. However, through the movie, people will not be able to see the emotions that Anne was really feeling as this is only a re-enactment.



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