Anne Frank

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Jewish History

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Anne Frank

Anne Frank written by Yona Zeldis McDonough and illistrated by Malcah Zeldis


1929 - Anne Frank is born 1933 - Frank family moves to Amsterdam 1942 - Anne receives a diary for her thirteenth birthday1942- Frank family moves into the secret annex1944 - Frank family is arrested and taken to a transit camp in Holland 1945 - Anne Frank dies of typhus

This book follows the life of a teenage girl named Anne Frank. It describes the trials and tribulations that Jewish people faced when Hitler took over and wanted to rid Europe of Jewish people. Anna and her family take refuge in an attic above where her dad worked, and stayed there for over two years. In this time Anne kept a diary of her experiences, and after her death her father shared her diary with the world.

Lasting Impact

Anne Frank's story has and still is touching many people's lives. Her courage, and maturity offers inspiration to millions of people all over the world.

Text Connections

Text to self- everyone can relate to when they have experienced something scaryText to world-the Holocaust changed our world forever, and this book opens children's eyes to world events in our history

Anne Frank

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