Anne Frank

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Anne Frank

Anne Frank was born on June 12 in Frankfurt, Germany. When she was young, Anne lived a comfortable lifestyle. Her father, Otto Frank, was a business man while her mother, Edith Frank, stayed home to tend to Anne and her sister, Margot. Her family was Jewish and they celebrated Jewish holidays. They were happy until Adolf Hitler took control of Germany in 1933. Hitler hated the Jews and blamed them for all the problems Germany had. He planned to wipe out the whole population by placing restrictions on them, then sending them to labor and concentration camps. But, the Franks still got to throw Anne a party where she recieved a special gift-her diary. About a month later, Margot recieved a letter in the mail saying that she would be sent to a labor camp! Her parents refused to let their daughter leave so they went into hiding with another family, the Van Pels (or as said in Annes diary, the Van Daans). They lived in a building where Otto Frank's company used to work. Anne called it the "Secret Annex". About five months later, a new member came to join the group name Mr. Pfeffer (or Mr. Dussel). Anne's diary explaines how hard life was in the Secret Annex. the families often quarreled alot and night were very frightning with the sound of guns, airrades, and bombs. They were able to survive for three years until everyone living in the building was arrested. One of the Franks helpers managed to salvage Anne's diary. The women of the Annex were sent to seperate camps the the male. Anne and Margot died in 1945 of a disease. Only Otto Frank lived in the end. He was given Anne's diary and was amazed at the young girls writing. Anne's diary beame published in 1947 and shows the story of a girl with hopes and dreams for a better life. Many people know Anne for her courage and her faith and she will always be remembered.

Interesting Facts and How I would Describe Anne

1929 - Anne Frank is born on June 121934- Anne moves to Amsterdam1942- Anne and her family go ito hiding1944- All the residence of the secret annex are arrested1945- Anne dies of typhus1947- Anne's diary is published

-Anne Frank wrote 172 entries in her diary-In Anne's diary, she gave everyone pseudonyms, or fictional names. But when her diary was published, Otto Frank kept their families real names.-Anne named her diary "Kitty"How I Would Describe Anne:I would describe Anne Frank as a courageous and hopeful person even if life was tough. She was though always outspoken and always spoke her opinions. Before the she went into hiding, she loved to pull pranks on people which shows her mischievous side.

Questuions I Would Ask Her

1) How did you manage to survive in the Secret Annex?2)What was it like in the consantration camp?3)What inspired you when writig your diary entries?



Tour of the Secret Annex

Who was Anne Frank?


- Who was Anne Frank? by Ann Abramson- The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Residence of the Secret Annex

Concentration Camp

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I would recommend Who was Anne Frank if you want to know the summary of Anne's life that's easy to read. I would recomend reading The Diary of a Young Girl if you want to go more in depth about her lif in the Secret Annex,though it is quite difficult to read.

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