Anne Frank

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Anne Frank

Anne Frank

Theme #1

One of the themes in this story is that "Everyone is good at heart". Some examples of this are when Mr. Frank let in Dussel(lines 1090-1120). When Mr. Kraler and Miep were willing to help everyone hide from the Nazi's(starts on line 31).

This story reminds me about the time when there was a tornado warning where I live and me and my family all had to hide in the basement all night and the next day.

I can relate this to "A Wrinkle in Time", more specifically the Main character. These two characters relate because they are both brave, leaders, rebelious and clever.

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The story of Anne Frank can be related to any time a person is fighting a serious illness. I feel like these connect because they were both fighting an enemy, they both knew that they had a high chance of dying, and they both have some one helping them.

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