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Anne Frank

Anne Frank"The Dreamer"

Rules for living: 1. Always treat someone equally 2. Be considerate to everyone3. Make for others, as well as yourself

"She was sustained by her warmth and wit, her intellagence and the rich resources of her inner life." -Eleanor Rosevelt

Unique Facts:1. She was the "Chatter Box" in school.2. She wanted to be a journalist.3. She was in hiding for 2 years.4. She hid with 8 other Jews.5. She had a romance with someone in the "Secret Annex".

Anne Frank was just 13 years old when she started hiding with her family, which meant that she had to leave school and all of her friends, and she was in hiding until the age of 15 She was born on June 12, 1929, and died in a concentration camp in March of 1945 as a result of having Typhus, only weeks before the liberation. Anne and her sister died only days apart. Anne was only one of the few people to write a consistent and detailed diary while in hiding.

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