Anne Frank

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Anne Frank

Anne Frank

BiographyAnne Frank was a Jewish girl, who had to go in to hidding for two years. That means she couldnt see her friends and go to the movies or hangout with her friends. After the two years they were discivered and deported to the Concentration camps.Annes father was the only one out of 8 who servived.The owners of the bulding allowed him to go back and get the things they had at the Annex. He found Annes jurnal. It was the only thing he had left of his family.

The AnnexThe Annex was an empty buliding,the bulding was owned by Otto Frank. it had two bed rooms and one bathroom and a kitchen. The bookcase was a secret door that lead to thr Annex.

InterestingsFactsAnne was 15 when she died.Annes father was the only one out of 8 who lived. Annes father found her jurnal and shared it with the News, and it became a huge hit.


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