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Anne Frank

The Diary of Anne FrankBy Anne: FrankPublished By: Otto Frank

The Diary of Anne Frank follows Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl, through her life during the Holocaust. Anne and her family, along with a few others, conceal themselves in the upper levels of Otto Frank’s workplace. For two years, this group lives inside, with nothing but staple foods, books, and each other. Throughout her journals, we can thoroughly see what the lifestyle of those hiding from Nazi’s was like.

Time Line of Main Points

June 12, 1942

First Entry

The area that the Frank family hid in was refered to as the Secret Annex. It had to conceal those inside well, so that meant that the residents couldn't even risk seeing outside. This space made as much of an impact on Anne Frank's thoughts and emotions as the people around her did. It also greatly affect the health of Anne. The Annex had very limited space, and sharing it with a-whole-nother family plus one caused a heated environment. The size and circumstances the families had to cope with lead to handfuls of disagreements and health issues.

Members of the Annex:-Anne Frank-Margot Frank (Anne's older sister)-Otto Frank (Anne's father)-Mrs. Frank (Anne's mother)-Mr. VanDann (Otto's associate)-Mrs. VanDann (Mr. VanDann's wift) -Peter (Mr.' Mrs. VanDann's son)-Mr. Dussel (elderly Jewish dentist)These characters deeply affect Anne's thoughts, decisions, and emotions throughout her time in the Secret Annex. Most of them caused her to become irritable and even depressed when combined with her new lifestyle.

Gestapo are the officers supporting the Nazi party. Their duties included capturing and sending Jewish people and others disliked by Adolf Hitler, and sending them to camps.

When the heavily relied on radio stated that June 6th was D-Day, a huge emotional turn flooded the Secret Annex. The members of the Annex had regained hope. According to Anne Frank herself said, that D-Day "gives us fresh courage, and makes us strong again."The Franks, VanDanns, and Dussle had all believed that they would be saved very soon.

Anne's diary isn't only important because of its significance in history. It was a crucial outlet for Anne during her time spent in hiding. With Kitty (the name of the imaginary character she wrote to) around, Anne was able to spill the details of her life and thoughts without question. Throughout her diary, we not only see the affects that the Holocaust had on those in hiding through Anne, but we also see apart of Anne herself.

July 6, 1942

Into the Annex

July 16, 1942

More Residents

June 6, 1944

August 4, 1944


Gestapo's Arrival

Unfortunately, beforethose hiding in the Secret Annex were able to be saved, betrayal lead to the discovery of the path behind the bookcase. The Franks, VanDanns, and Dussel are taken to extermination camps. The leading employees of the business holding the Secret Annex are imprisoned and punished for hiding Jews.

June 12, 1942 was Anne Frank's 13th birthday. Since she had a passion for literature, her present was a red, plaid journal.

Anne's family bolted into hiding earlier than expected when Margot Frank recieved a call earlier than expected. Otto Frank had luckily made a plan with his employees to support them by providing a hidden area of living in the upper floors of their business.

The Franks weren't the only people hiding in the Secret Annex. on July 16, the Van Danns came. Then, shortly after in November, Mr. Dussel joined, too.

On June 6, 1944 an announcement had been made over the British radio, discussing the beginning of the British invasion against the Germans. British landing crafts were battling with the German Navy.

"The nicest pat is being able to write down all my thoughts and feelings; otherwise I'd absolutely suffocate."

History of World War II

After Jewish people were captured by the Nazi party, they had to edure atrocious living conditions inside concentration camps. They slept crammed in small shelters oon wooden "beds" with nothing but their single pair of clothes.

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