Anne Frank

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Anne Frank

Anne FrankAnne Frank was born on June 12 1929 in Frankfurt Germany. She lived most of her life in Amsterdam after she moved there in 1933 to avoid the nazi control in Germany. Nine years later she whent into hiding with her family and four other surviving Jews. While in hiding Anne wrote in her diary that she recieved for her birthday. In 1944 they were found by the nazis and deported to Auschwitz. Anne and her sister Margot died a year later in Bergen-Belsen.

Anne Frank and theHolocaust

Anne in May of 1942


Many people pay respect to Anne and Margot by leaving flowers and pictures at their grave at the Bergen-Belsen site.

Margot (Left)and Anne (Right)

The building were Anne hid.

One way to remember Anne Frank is to read her diary to learn about her life.

HitlerBorn in April of 1889, Adolf Hitler became the leader of the Nazi party. He is responsible for the genocide of over 5 million Jews.

World War IIWWII was fought mainly in Western Europe and Japan. America joined the war after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The war was fought from 1939 to 1945.

Anne Frank's house is now a museum you can visit.

The United States Holocaust Museum along with the Holocaust Victims and Survivors Data Base provide ways for people to learn more about the Holocaust.

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