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Anne Frank

She was born on 12 June 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. Her parents were, Otto Frank and Edith Frank-Hollander. Her sister Margot was three years older. She enjoyed four happy years growing up in Frankfurt until the Nazi's came to power. On the morning of August 4, 1944, around ten to ten-thirty in the morning, an SS officer and several Dutch Security Police members pulled up to 263 Prinsengracht. They went directly to the bookcase that hid the door to the Secret Annex and pried the door open. All eight people living in the Secret Annex were arrested and taken to Westerbork. Anne's diary lay on the ground and was collected and safely stored by Miep Gies later that day. In late February or early March of 1945, Margot died of typhus, followed just a few days later by Anne, also from typhus.


Anne's greatest accomplishment was her diary. She was very detailed in her feelings and thoughts.She was also a great student in school, and tried her best.Her family stayed in the secret annex for about a year.

Lasting Impact

Anne Frank was a brave ordinary girl. Her Diary gave us insight to the holocaust from a childs point of view.

Anne Frank


1929 - Born, June 12. To Otto and Edith Frank.1933 - Adolf Hitler came into power, and th Fank family became worried.1934 - The Frank family settled in Amsterdam.1940 - Germany invaded the Netherlands.1941 - Life becomes very hard for Anne Frank and family.1942 - Anne's grandmother dies and the japanese declares war against the U.S.1943 - The family goes into hiding.1944 - The Frank Family is seperated and sent to concentaration camps.1945 - Anne Frank and her sister die in campbut her father and others are liberated.1947 - Anne Frank diary publishes in Amsterdam.1957 - Otto Frank establishes the Anne Frank Foundation.1960 - The Anne Frank House is opened in Amsterdam.

Frank Family




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